Hive Mind Beekeeping Tours:

The importance of the honeybee to our own lives; and to the world at large cannot be underestimated.

The more that we know, the more that we can do to affect a change.

We provide a very unique option for group beekeeping workshops. Visitors will have the pleasure of viewing life within the hive, making for an exciting and inspiring experience. 

Bee-stings are a risk; but rarely occur as our bees are well bred and our equipment is top of the range.

We examine life within the colony, the social structure and the roles each honeybee has to play within the superorganism of the hive.

We find out which plants they they favour and why; and what simple measures we can take to help the bees in our area.

The Hive Mind Experience is an inspiring journey into the world of the endangered Northern European Honeybee.